The Adventure Begins…

Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely love food. I don’t mean I love eating McDonald’s cheeseburgers everyday and constantly stuffing my face. I mean I love trying all types of new foods and cuisine from all over the world and eating well.

I’m a huge fan of The Office and one of my favorite episodes is when Michael creates the Michael Scott paper company with Pam and Ryan. I was mesmerized by their giant jar of cheese balls that Michael brought into work. It was thoroughly amusing and entertaining as they sat in their tiny office and skillfully tossing cheese balls at each other.

The Office – Cheese Puffs from Rauno Villberg on Vimeo.

So while grocery shopping a few months back at Winco I noticed an end cap with the exact same jars of Utz Cheese Balls! I was very excited to see the real thing but due to a limited budget and just being a plain ol’ cheap college student I didn’t buy them right away. The next time I went to the store, intending to buy a giant jar of Cheese Balls, they were gone! Today, during another trip to Winco, my roommate gleefully led me to a shelf full of Cheese Balls. I immediately snatched up a jar and hugged it lovingly.

Now what’s the point of this blog? Well, it’ll will follow my adventure of concurring the jar of Utz Cheese Balls. With the help of my roommates and friends, we will eat this ENTIRE jar of Cheese Balls! How and where we plan to consume these little puffs of cheesy goodness? You’ll just have to tune in…


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